e-juice e-liquid flavour concetrate

Flavour Concentrate

RAYCO FLAVOR is a manufacturer specialising in producing vape e-juice or e-liquid 100% food-grade flavour concentrates, one of the raw materials used for brewing e-cigarettes and vaporizers. We export worldwide and customize the flavour to brewers’ favourite taste profiles.

We always fulfil our customers’ flavour requests whether it is single-direction or multi-layers flavour concentrates, we can produce or modify the flavour based on your requests. By mixing our flavour concentrates raw ingredients, Propylene Glycol (USP) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG), are strictly selected to ensure high quality and through a “Quality Control” manufacturing process, the finest flavours are produced.

Check out the range of e-juice flavour concentrates:

Fruity Flavour Concentrates

Tobacco Flavour Concentrates

Coffee Flavour Concentrates

e-liquid blueberry flavor concentrate
Blueberry Flavor

Code: DU084145

e-liquid strawberry flavor concentrate
Fresh Strawberry Flavor

Code: DU111145

e-liquid grape flavor concentrate
Grape Candy Flavor

Code: DU124145

e-liquid watermelon flavor concentrate
Watermelon Bubble Gum Flavor

Code: DU303145

e-liquid lemon flavor concentrate
Lemon Flavor

Code: DU106145

e-liquid mango flavor concentrate
Mango Flavor

Code: DU131145

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