Understand E-Juice Raw Materials

e-juice raw material

E-juice raw materials are materials used to make e-juice. These materials can be purchased from a store, or directly from the manufacture of e-juice. The most common raw materials used to make e-juice are viscosity modifiers, flavorings, and nicotine.

Below are the 3 main raw materials for e-juice production:

Propylene Glycol (USP)

  • Mono-propylene glycol of high-purity (>99.8%)
  • Grade USP/EP – referring to the United States and European Pharmacopeia
  • Compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) guidelines for pharmaceutical excipients

Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

E-Juice Flavor Concentrate

  • Conform with European food flavours regulations 1334/2008
  • Do not contain colorants nor preservatives, nor Diacetyle
  • Without CMR (Carcinogen – Mutagen – Reprotoxic)
  • All flavors are strictly controlled by our “Quality Control” laboratory
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